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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Street Fighter 2 on Live

I'm playing Street Fighter with one of the kids, we are about equal with a handicap of 1 versus 4.

The odd thing is when I first downloaded it I hated it, it looked too awful to play (I'm an idiot I get sucked into making the mistake that graphics matter at all just like everyone else) and I just ignored it. But later I returned and got pulled into its gameplay and superb balance.

Showing my son the mysteries of the fireball move or blanka's spinning attack.

Well soon I bought it and have had great fun, but now I miss the counter moves and specials of street fighter alpha.

But didnt I used to play Street Fighter 2 at lunch at Bullfrog over ten years ago!

And they say Innovation is dead in this Industry.

Tetris on the DS

I got a DS lite for my Birthday last July.

And I'm still playing it.

At the time I got tetris and brain training.

But I've only just got round to playing tetris online.

Fantastic, pure gaming addiction.

But wasnt I playing tetris during my lunch breaks on the PC when I worked for the MOD about 16 years ago (God I sound old,maybe I am OLD). Testris and hack for a whole year at Smiths Industries Cheltenham during My year in Industry during my degree.

so 19 years later still playing testris

And they say innovation is dead in this industry.


I'm getting a Wii for Christams :)

My Wife pre ordered it just the other night.

I've not been so excited by a game console since errm well never. (OK maybe that first binatone tennis game with the paddles and lightgun)

I'm even looking forward to having a web browser on my telly.

I just know the kids are going to love it, cant wait to play tennis against them, Oh just realised tennis game, wiiMote that acts as a Light Gun. I'm buying the same console I got for christmas 28 years ago.

And they say innovation is dead in this industry.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart DS

I played mario Kart at Lunch Yesterday on the DS against 3 other people at rock*North, after lunch I realised that I first played Mario Kart when I joined Bullfrog about 13 years ago.

13 years of playing the same game and they say innovation is dead in this industry.